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Advantages of Manufactured Home Living

Although many types of modern housing are constructed entirely or partially off-site, manufactured housing refers to a specific kind of home built in a factory and transported to its final location on its own wheels. It's a legal term for houses built on a permanent chassis that allows for the home's initial and ongoing transportability.

Such houses could be made up of a single unit or a series of modules shipped separately and assembled on-site, where they will be connected to local power, water, and sanitary systems. They can be permanently anchored to the ground, or their underlying chassis can be "skirted" with blocks or siding to blend in with traditional structures. 

Modern manufactured homes, particularly the larger models, are rarely moved once they have been delivered, despite being sometimes referred to as mobile homes. They can't move on their own like recreational vehicles can.

Manufactured homes are built in a controlled environment by trained construction professionals. A home is typically completed in two to three months.

Here are some of the benefits of manufactured home living.


The advantages of living in a manufactured home are numerous. The affordability of a manufactured home is one of the most important considerations. 

A manufactured home is significantly less expensive than a traditional site-built home. Manufactured housing is now widely regarded as an important component of the solution to the growing housing shortage caused by high demand and high prices. A manufactured home costs $49 per square foot on average, compared to $107 per square foot for a traditional home built on site.


It is Very Versatile

Long-term options are available with manufactured housing. Families who own an appropriate site can start small and add additional manufactured modules as their needs change because a basic manufactured home can be extremely affordable. 


A manufactured home can also be used as a starter home for families planning to build a larger, permanent structure in the future; the original can then be rented out or used for another purpose on the family compound. 


A manufactured home could also be moved to a new location if the current location is not a long-term option or if the initial site is on a rented property. However, this would be more difficult logistically. 


It is Easy & Quick to Set Up

It is very exciting watching your home take shape. Nothing beats the thrill of watching your new home being delivered and then lifted onto its foundation by a massive crane. It's quite an adventure. The final installation and utility hookup work move quickly, and you'll be cooking in your new kitchen, sleeping in your new bedroom, and organizing your new life in no time. 


You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can begin to enjoy your new lifestyle in a manufactured home, whether you choose to purchase a home in a manufactured housing community or buy a manufactured home to place on the land you already own.  


Owning a manufactured home is such a unique and exciting experience. If you are interested in owning one yourself, make sure to contact us at Shenango Trails for a beautiful, low-maintenance manufactured home!


It is Affordable

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