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Finding Affordable Retirement Living under $100,000

If you are one of the thousands of baby boomers looking to retire but don't have enough to do so, this article is for you. 

With affordable retirement living under $100,000, you can now live the retirement of your dreams in your home and in a lovely neighborhood. 

You're a Gen Xer worrying about whether you'll ever be able to afford a retirement home of your own. You are not alone. 

For many, the thought of living out the rest of their lives in a retirement home with other seniors is worrying. It doesn't have to be so. 

Now, you can get affordable retirement living under $100,000, enabling you enjoy your later years without spending your nest egg.


Undoubtedly, buying a new home is a considerable investment and can often take a huge chunk of your savings. Going for a home under $100,000 will leave you with more money for a comfortable retirement. 

If you currently live in a home that's worth more than $200,000, moving into a cheaper place can significantly improve your financial situation. 

Aside from costing much less, you can save money in many ways. If you plan on relying on your savings, pensions, and social security, you might entangle yourself in financial difficulty if you don't cut down on expenses. 

With affordable retirement living under $100,000 and even less, you'd be able to pay less on tax, utility, maintenance, and insurance. And all without sacrificing beautiful, happy, and comfortable retirement living in a dream home.


But How Does Affordable Retirement Living Under $100,000 Look Like?

You might think an affordable retirement living under $100,000 won't have the features and facilities for comfortability. Wrong. 

While the appliances in some of the condos might be old and dated, you'd be surprised to find that many under $100,000 homes, manufactured homes in particular, come with the latest features and are built to the highest standards in the industry. 

They are often located in well-planned communities with an excellent list of amenities and even facilities for leisure activities. 

Two of these communities are Shenango Trails and Summit Estates in Greenville, PA.


Affordable Retirement Living to the Fullest

Looking for beautiful affordable retirement living under $100,000 that offers complete peace of mind and comfortability?


Welcome to Shenango Trails and Summit Estates. 

Located in Greenville, PA, these manufactured homes are built to make retirement living an enjoyable experience. Well-built, they require minimal maintenance and are crafted to last a lifetime. 

Shenango Trails and Summit Estates are situated in a serene environment where you can relax with activities such as golfing, fishing, boating, and hunting. 

Even better, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment are just 15 minutes away. 

You can also have more to spend as there are no hidden charges and taxes are incredibly low. 

Think affordable retirement living to the fullest. Think Shenango Trails and Summit Estate.


Why Buy an Under $100,000 Home?

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